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Absolutely love this app.
It's exactly what I was looking for as a new trader to start journaling with minimal cost. It's absolutely fantastic.

Jeff C

Better value
Stonk Journal offers better value than other expensive journaling tools available.

Arvianto D. Wicaksono

Essential in my trading
StonkJournal has become absolutely essential in my trading. I am truly grateful for this software as it has had a tremendous positive impact on my trading journey.


Trade entry screen

Fast and easy trade entry

Our trade entry screen is designed for swift input, offering a straightforward and user-friendly interface. It comes equipped with a memory of previous trades and takes advantage of user preferences to minimize data entry. This makes it an ideal starting point for establishing a comprehensive trade journal.

Trading chart

Chart with entry & exits

Visualize all your executions for a particular trade on a chart.

trading journal user preferences and defaults

User preferences and defaults

Our user settings and preferences are designed to enhance the speed of trade entry for users. This is achieved by implementing defaults that automatically fill in when users enter new trades, allowing them to quickly return to trading without spending valuable time on data entry.

trading statistics

Actionable statistics & reports

Our statistics offer traders visibility into their individual trading performance, enabling them to make informed decisions about adjusting their trading strategy.

Journal entry screen

Simple journal entry per trade

Journal entry tab includes tags, confidence meter, image attachments and of course notes field. Simple, elegant and clean.

account edit and transactions entry

Multiple accounts/ portfolios

Create multiple accounts/portfolios to not only segregate your trading strategies, brokers, and asset classes but also to monitor your withdrawals and deposits.

trading setup

Trade setups

Utilizing trade setups is advantageous during the research and selection process of stocks for potential trading. This is because trade setups automatically calculate the Risk/Reward ratio, which aids in maintaining strategy consistency and identifying potential risks that may be undesirable. With just a click of a button, setups can be quickly converted into trades.

And more...

Our free trading journal is actively being developed, with regular releases of new features and bug fixes. Stay updated by following us on Twitter.

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What is StonkJournal?

StonkJournal is a trading journal that started as a personal project and has grown to thousands of users. It provides users a free comprehensive, easy and fast journaling experience with zero barriers to entry. Our journal revolves around quickness, a short learning curve, and an overall journaling flow that is easy to integrate into your daily trading workflow.

Is our trading journal free?

YES. While we can’t promise that all future features will be free, the goal is to provide a free trading journal that is comprehensive enough to satisfy majority of traders.

Do you sell any user data?

No, and never will. Not only that, but we don’t require you to verify your email address in order to use our platform, so that you can stay as anonymous as possible.

What assets are supported?

Stocks, Options, Futures, Crypto and Forex.

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